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Why we promote babywearing

  • 1. a smooth transition to the world

    For a newborn baby, entering the outside world remains an extreme change. Adapting to your new environment is not easy. Carrying therefore allows the baby to transition more gently to this new reality. He can hear your heartbeat and your voice; these two landmarks which are already so familiar to him. Skin-to-skin moments are welcome. Your smell and your warmth will bring him optimal comfort.

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  • 2. 43% reduction in crying

    Carrying your baby brings him incomparable comfort. You may notice a marked decrease in crying and unexplained restless moments.


    Carrying has a beneficial effect on the mental health of the parent. It improves the feeling of parental competence and strengthens self-confidence. The parent who carries his child will develop more quickly his ability to meet the needs of the latter.

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  • 4. Promotes Restful Sleep

    When baby is carried, he can more easily feel soothed, despite environmental stimuli. His nervous system is thus regulated, so restorative sleep is much more conducive.

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  • 5. Aids Digestion and Reduces Reflux

    Since carrying the baby is positioned vertically, its digestion is facilitated. Babywearing therefore reduces gastric reflux, colic and abdominal discomfort.

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    Babywearing opens doors to your baby's emotional, cognitive and social development. The closeness he enjoys with the parent allows him to develop confidence in himself, but also in his parent and his environment. When worn, his vision is in constant interaction with the face of the parent. This allows the baby to quickly detect signs of others and their surroundings. This stimulates his cognitive development. The affectionate looks you give her allow the baby to produce oxytocin, the hormone that contributes to attachment.

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All our baby carriers offer 4 carrying positions

Malama baby carriers are specially designed to offer 4 ergonomic carrying positions. Test them out and choose the one that best suits your needs. Carry your baby facing the carrier, if you see that he needs to be reassured. If he's rather curious, carry him facing the world so he can explore more.

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I'm freaking out!!! The dress is so soft.

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I had at least 5 or 6 carriers... I was never comfortable.

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Even my boyfriend uses it. He had never wanted to use a baby carrier before.

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The Malama carrier is incredibly comfortable and easy to put on, I could wear it for hours.

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