Family values are important to our company. That's why Mālama is proud to be made up of several members of the same family.


Owner and founder of Mālama. Mégane also has a bachelor's degree in psychology and is studying for a master's in mental health. She has always had a keen interest in the development of babies. For this reason, she completed her graduate studies in the "child development" concentration. Mégane quickly realized the benefits of baby wearing for both parent and child. When she was pregnant with her first daughter, she decided to make a baby carrier so she could enjoy the benefits of baby wearing herself. To her surprise, people started asking her where her baby carrier came from. That's when Mālama's story began. She and her husband currently own the company, and are very proud of the fact that it is a family business. She is the contact person for customers, employees and content creators alike. Her responsibilities within the company are unlimited, and she takes care of just about everything, with the help of Kassendra and Michaël. Her goal is to provide parents with a tool to make their daily lives easier. Customer satisfaction remains a top priority.


Co-owner of Mālama and married to Mégane, Michaël defines the company as his fifth baby. He puts all his heart and energy into it. Originally a social sciences graduate, he always knew he wanted to start is own business. His knowledge now enables him to take charge of the company's management, from digital marketing to inventory replenishment and shipping management. As a career professional model, he is the artistic coordination manager at Mālama. Thanks to his versatility, he undoubtedly represents a pillar in the company.


Initially a career social worker, Kassendra has made a change of direction by moving into marketing. She specializes in the marketing of Mālama products. Her role as Marketing Director is first and foremost to find physical boutiques that match our company's image and values. If a partnership be established, Kassendra will be the person to contact. Passionate about helping others, she'll be happy to answer any questions you may have and offer any support you may need. Her ultimate goal is to bring our baby wearing products to people all over the world.


Intern at Mālama, Rose already has a passion for fashion. She assists her mom in selecting new designs for baby carriers. She loves taking part in all the photo shoots, whether in the studio or on outside locations. She notices all the little details and makes sure babies look comfortable in the carrier while shooting pictures. Always willing to lend a hand, Rose regularly helps to ship packages to customers. She's full of new ideas to continually improve the aesthetics of the baby carriers. An apprentice with a strong entrepreneurial streak.